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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Someone got saka in Australia. What the HECK?!

    We're together only if you keep producing singles!

The rep from my sponsor visited my university yesterday to check up on us. After meeting her and the MSD people, I think there's a criteria for becoming a representative to check up on us, overseas students. You must have a very strong fatherly or motherly nature! Things she said pretty much what my parents would ask. "Is it easy to find food?". "Have you gotten sick since you came here?". "How are you managing your studies?", "Are you planning to get married?" and things like that (Yeah, getting married while bound to contract is really troublesome to them). Well, there are exception for the reminders that we are to pay back the sponsor in FULL if we fail! Medicine students were warned of paying back all the way to your 7th generation. Given that I owe half of the amount Medicine students owe, probably the debt stopped on my great grandkid. Lucky!

Best part however, the motivation of 99% loan cut to those earning 1st class honor. That's the best thing next to full scholarship! Yeah, I'm truly motivated now! Woohoo!

There was this interesting story told by the rep. She said there was one girl studying in Australia had saka with her. I know! What the hell were the Australian Customs doing?!! Surely that saka came without visa nor passport! I can't believe they missed it. Sheesh, be more cautious next time, kay? Furthermore, how can MAS issue flight ticket to that saka?! Surely it does not even have an IC. Well, I hope everything worked fine.

For this post, I'm sharing with you guys
Girls Dead Monster - Little Braver 

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iLiYamashita said...

haha!!! yeah.. ada je saka kat jepun nih..

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing out loud currently...

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