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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Essay Assignments; How I had hope those days were already behind me.......

                                                   She's cute in cover but scary in MVs!

Well, hello again guys! Today, I've just got a very bad news (well, for me that is). I got an essay to write regarding an example of biotechnology application and ethical issues that entails it. The whole 50 minutes lecture today really covers the example of famous folks in the field of Biotechnolgy. It's kinda biased though. All of the people mentioned were kiwis (their New Zealanders). I mean, yeah, demanding to include a Malaysian figure in the example is too much to ask. Seriously, name one Malaysian worthy of it! At least include people from Canada, Japan, India or whatever!

What I truly learn from this lecture is. To warn us there would be a quiz on the end of the lecture really keep everyone attentive! Like, all the people actually jot down notes which can be found on some random sites! LOL! On the quiz part however, I failed to answer all questions except one; name the date of the assignment due. Yup, the date of the assignment due is a part of the quiz! Biotech 101 really eccentric. The last test too, have a question worth 0 mark. Yeah, you guys probably can figure out what sort of question it is!

Well, time to get started. I'm just saying that but the truth is, I don't know when I would begin, let alone how and where to. This is bad......

So anyway, here's something to share
Ayumi Hamasaki - Sexy Little Things (PV)

P/S : Don't get started on "This is Lady Gaga rip-off!". You do that here, I swear I'm going to TROLL on   you!

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