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Monday, May 3, 2010

Yousei Yousei Yousei!

                                               Yes those are chains! No, its NOT ABUSE!

Whoa! I almosts missed Yousei Teikoku latest work! They have made this as 2nd OP for Seikon no Qwaser (sourced from Gendou). Yeah.....that pretty much explain why I wasn't aware of it. I stopped watching Seikon no Qwaser after the first episode.

You see, Seikon no Qwaser ********
*Further rants of Seikon no Qwaser were removed due to extreme unsuitability for work)*

Anyway, for this post, I've included both the single and the PV for Baptize. The song is gothic and extreme AND addictive like usual! Plus in the PV, the drummer and bassist was also in the music video. Hm, who are they? Are they going to be an official member of Yousei Teikoku? I don't know. The awesomeness of this song render such thoughts useless.

So here they are, subdue yourself to the tune of Yousei Teikoku!
 Yousei Teikoku - Baptize (single)
Yousei Teikoku - Baptize (PV)

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