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Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's "Dropping Day" Today!!

                                 All you gotta do~ Just be friends! It's time to say goodbye...

If I has the authority to make one day a public holiday, I would announce the 13th May to be a dropping day. This is to honor the weird coincidence scenario in the lab today. It's reported that at least every bench, there would be one guy who would accidentally dropped their test tubes and other glass apparatus! Every 15 minutes there would be a sound of broken glass. By competition, my bench pwned the other benches cuz there are four of us (including your truly) dropped our apparatus, though one of em survived (that is one tough cookie, eh?).
It's ironic that the experiment has the risk of corrosion, starting up fire and explosion yet none of that happen. Geez, now the lab demonstrator should warn that the apparatus that one will be using would be "slippery" or "breakable" though that would be so obvious. Anyway, glad those broken glasses were not impregnanting the solution we're using. If not, probably we might have a hole or a cool burn mark on the floor. So, anyone who are going to carry out experiment involving distillation or any sorts that involves a LOT OF TESTTUBES, be warned!

Well, this truly a lab session that's going to be remembered and laughed at. Anyway, on this post, I would be posting in the compilation of Just be Friends. Fyi, it's a pretty famous fandub songs which was originally performed by Luka Megurine (Vocaloid no.3, if you consider Rin and Len both as no.2). The original version might not appeal to a lot of people cuz it's an aritificial voice but the fandubs are something worth digging for!
My personal favourite in this one would be the one performed by Omatsuriya & Zebra x Rapbit

Just Be Friends Compilation

2 thoughts:

Princess Hawa said...

walaupun aku dah ade beberapa version lagu ni, saje2 je download lagi tuk tengok samada ko masukkan yg piano version or tak.huhu.
bdw, mungkin lagi best kalau ko wat list lagu2 dalam folder tu kot (macam kat wbsite ko ngan qayyum tuh)

Shiranaii Otoko said...

Hm, prolly I really should do that. Baiklah, fixing kemudiannye

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