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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Keep posting though I got nothing! (Hey that rhymes!)

                                           The couch is questionable......why is it there??

The more I post stuffs here, the less ideas I have. I want to rant on things but when I look at things in postive way, I really couldn't complain huh? That's great, me! Yeay!! *Ehem. Anyway, there's going to be a picnic tomorrow, organised by the Malaysian Students Committee in Wellington. Finally, something else to do on weekend outdoors! There's going to be a photoshot competition with the theme "fun at the beach". Come to think of it, it might going to be hard because no one would play with the water as it is freezing! Well, I'm more that enthusiastic about it. Haven't used my cam for quite a while now. It must be lonely staying inside the drawer for along time by itself. Maybe I should put my PSP in there & maybe it will cheer up (wut the heck am I saying??).

Anyway, that's the rant. Actually I wanted to share with you folks Murata Ayumi works! It's quite a work to find the album without dead links or password protected obstacle. Well, just for your info, Murata Ayumi has officially step down from being a singer. Something about her singles didn't really received good response from the people, etc. I don't know, I'm not passionate enough to learn the whole story. I'm still finding her 2nd album which houses more of her works for Visual Novels. So I'm just upping the links for Murata Ayumi Pole!Pole! for now. Will upload her other album later. Jya na~

Murata Ayumi Pole!Pole! Pt. 1
Murata Ayumi Pole!Pole! Pt. 2

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...and these two links are also dead, now...

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