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Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the world Natrah!

My cousin said she looked like me. That's.....wrong somehow

Friday 14 May 2010. I received a facebook message from my mom. My sister is going to be on labor. My response : Uh, this is a big news! Why'd you use facebook?!! Well regardless, I phoned my mom and asked how my sister was doing. My mom was complaining that the doctor from the private hospital refused to look after my sister and insisted that she to go to general hospital instead. I don't know about policies and all that but I certainly have a bad impression on private practice now.

Eventually, everything was fine. The baby was born on 6 am 15th May 2010. Thank you Allah, for making the delivery of the baby easy and safe. Too bad though, all my families couldn't visit her yet, except well of course her husband. They all had to wait until 12pm to see the new member of the family. For some reason, my 2nd sister was also there. So, I'm imagining she drove alone all the way to Kuala Lumpur, speeding, from Bagan Datoh. She's cool! I got to talk to my newly-became-mother sis through the phone. She asked me to suggest name for the baby. I remember that she asked to include Irish names as well since....I don't know, she like Irish name I guess....

Well, I rummage through baby names websites and used my C-level creativity to create names from Arabic, Irish and Japanese names (yeah, so twisted eh?!). After jotting the "sounds nice" names, I tried to rearrange them to make a good meaning out of it (Well, you would need Quadlingual Dict. to figure it out!). There are 10 names

Here they are :
1. Asa Iffah Hurriyah - Morning + Protected + Fairy (Bidadari in Malay)
2. Suhaila Alanis - Soft + Peaceful
3. Siham Rashidah - Arrow + one who was given guidance
4. Ridwana Rifiah - Happiness + Nobility
5. Asa Athiyyah - Morning + Gift
6. Iklil Qistina - Crown/Throne + Justice/Fair
7. Nadhirah Amani - Beauty + My tranquility
8. Firdaus Siham - Heaven + Arrow
9. Khairunnisa Islam - The best woman + Islam
10. Nur Nafeesa - Light + Precious item

Yeah 90% of them are arabic. Hey, it's hard to combine them ok?! Anyway, if you find them interesting and you want to use em for your future children, by all means go ahead. Names are the doa for the children so it's crucial to pick them wisely.

Well, I have to say all 10 of them are rejected. At last, my sister wanted her to be named Natrah (which means happy / joy). Honestly, I'm not the only one disappointed here. My mom thinks it's......old and plain and my 2nd sis whose name VERY CLOSELY TO NATRAH don't really like the name to be too similar.

I can't see the baby right now since I'm thousands of miles away from them right now. So, I'll post these instead!

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