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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nico Singer : Ritsuka

Totally unrelated! Just here for the cuteness!

Ahh~ Its finally thursday night! What's up with thursday night you ask? Well, its pretty much like the eve of friday night. I really couldn't care less about new assignments and work tonight. After the tutorial in thursday evening, man, what a load off! All labs done, all assignments have submitted.

Nothing much to complain here cuz I'm supposed to enjoy thursday night. Hey, maybe I should make a regular post on every thursday night? Naaah, I'm too impromtuous for that!

So anyway, I'll be sharing another favourite Nico Singer of mine, Ritsuka. I've made compilations of her works but I can't say this is the complete listing. Heck, I can't even say its 10% of it! Honestly, I prefer Usa (refer here) than Ritsuka but still there are some of her songs which I really love like Sakura Ame and BPM. Oh yeah, for those still wondering who are the Nico Singers, well they're actually amateurs who have account for Niconicodouga. They perform vocaloids songs and some anime songs and THEY'RE GOOD! It's like the  youtube equivalent of really talented people! Some of their works do made it into youtube, thanks to their fans. If you're curious, just go to youtube and type in Nico singer / Nico nico / Nico Chorus and you'll find something related.

Here you go :
Nico Singer : Ritsuka
I have forgotten what I've inserted in there, so happy finding guys!

PS : I'm still compiling Nico Singer and I pretty much got a handful of em right now. Still, I'm far from complete. Help me out, guys! Send me links be it in youtube, metacafe etc. which you've found a song performed by Nico singer that you really enjoyed!

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