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Sunday, May 2, 2010

What?! It's already May??

Vocaloids have headphones instead of ears....scary..

My goodness! I must me so distracted or ignorant that I forgot to look at the calender (It's just on the bottom right on my screen! How distracted can I be?!). Well, the end of July is gettiing closer aaaaannnnndddd since its the new month, I get to withdraw another $300 for my expenditures this month. Btw, that $250 planning is an epic fail! I don't buy bread anymore instead I buy packs of rice as they have longer shelf life. Heck, I don't know whether rice grain would expire!

No more trademe-ing for me and this month, I really want to cut down on animes & games. Well, games are kept to minimum since I've been here in New Zealand but my facebook time increased exponentially! It's impossible to cut down facebook time. I'm so lonely in here. Rather than making imaginary friends, surely is better to go for online friends instead. Lol.

So anyway, I'll put up compilation for a Nico singer - Usa for this post. Well, this isn't complete collection as I just browse through some random forums and youtube videos to get them.

Nico Singer [Usa]

1. Wish
2. Toeto
3. Saigo no Jo ou
5. Romeo x Cinderella (sorry, typo when renaming that file)
6. Omedetou (my no.1 favourite)
7. My Baby Blue
8. Magnet (collaboration with Yamai)
9. ACUTE (there's various Nico singers performing for this one)
10. Juvenile (collaboration with Tourai)

PS: Sorry, as just this is just compilation that I made, so of course, there isn't going to be any scans so no images for this one. Also, it is not complete. I have no way to have full listing of Usa works!

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