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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rain, Rain, GTFO!!!

                                             Yeah.....I can't understand the point either.....

Wow, the weather had been gloomy since morning. Geez, I hope it would not rain this evening. Today is kinda exciting actually. A club which I have joined are going to open a stall for a Pasar Malam event late today. This club's gonna serve fried rice, coconut milkshake (yeah. Using real COCONUT MILK),and pizza maggi (cause major misunderstanding cuz it is actually murtabak maggi). I'm in charge of technical stuffs so I pretty much do the purchasing and setting up stall today. Hm, It's going to be another 2 hours before I need to work. Yeay~ I'll find something interesting on the net and share it with you guys!

Well, first, here's an awareness test. For first timer, it might surprise you!

Well, that's that and now here's what I always promised.

Suga Shikao - Sayonara Home Run

It's been long since the last time I listened to Suga Shikao. I hafta say he's improved!

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