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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Islam Screening Night = Dinner for my mind, soul.........and stomach

The best halloween song I've ever heard!

This screening started last friday night and will continue weekly until the end of this year. The theme presented ranging from "why Islam" to popular issues (woman rights etc.). They've arranged it in order of the tip of the iceberg to rock bottom (I really don't know how to describe the order but if I could show you the screening schedule, you'll get what I mean). The announcement was distributed via email and the notice board inside the praying room as well. They've said that they welcome non-muslim to the event but I don't really think the non-muslims would now. You see, people who became member of the muslim club in my uni or people who happened to pray in the praying room would know about it. In short, if the muslims didn't invite their non-muslims friends, chances are, they wouldn't know about it.

The first night; Why Islam? Since the screening is made on Friday night, me, who would usually be gaming during that period went to have a look at it. Well, finally I did something worthwhile on friday night for once!
Honestly, I have to say food has a "partial" slice of why I went for the screening. Free food! Who wouldn't like that?! Food has become a significant motivation for me here in oversea. Truly, I don't need to cook, I don't need to pay for it too! Call me leech or freeloader or whatever you want. It's just a part of the reason I was there!

Judging by the title, one might think this would be targeted at the non-muslims. Surely they would want to know how come there are a large number of people following the teaching of Islam and the figures are keep increasing by reversion (In Islam, a brother or sister who became a muslim not by childbirth are termed reverted, not converted. Everyone's originally a muslim before they were born into this world). With the current media, it's not uncommon to hear "Why would anyone follow the religion of terrorists?!". Yeah, if you learn Islam through the news on tv, that would not make a SINGLE SENSE right?! Therefore, the theme of "why Islam" is a response to this question. Sad to say, since non-muslims pretty much unaware about it, all of the people present were muslims (except a chinese lad who I believe is buddhist. We easily became friends due to very similar interest in Anime).

In my opinion about the videos, they've reaffirm why I'm a muslim without doubting its teachings. First there was a video about a revert from Melbourne regarding his story of becoming a muslim and then there's Baba Ali and his share of story of how he became a muslim

So, there's that. To keep my promise here you go!

Nico Singer - Amu

1. HAKOBAKO PLAYER [Amu x Riseha]
2. Jigiru Hikarizakura
3. Just be Friends
4. Kasou Kyoku
5. Sayonara no Kawari ni Hanataba wo
6. Spice [Amu x Saiya]
7. Trick and Treat [Amu x Riseha]

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