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Friday, May 21, 2010

I can't believe I missed the Story of Evil!

 Can't believe someone so cute has such a strong voice

Guys! I've just found out about the Story of Evil. It's based on one storyline and different songs are produced to narrate the event from different character perspectives. There're twists & emotions in the songs that I can't believe this hasn't been animated or manga-ed! Yeah, yeah. I'll calm down now....

Ehem, perhaps I should describe the background of the story eh?

Here we go!
In a kingdom, there's a princess in yellow who ruled the kingdom as she pleased. I wouldn't call it Iron fist though. Somehow that doesn't fit in. There's a damn loyal subject of her who would carry out all the orders from her. She impose high tax on the people and literally pillage their foods. She fell in love with a prince in blue but the prince loved a village girl of green. Despised, she ordered the killing of that girl (me: miku! NOOoooo!). The prince in blue was extremely enraged, with a woman of red joined him, and lead the people of the princess in yellow kingdom to overthrow her. Then, gotta watch! It's so great that I wouldn't want to spoil it! Follow the videos in sequence, okay? By the way, these songs are sung by vocaloids so it might not appeal to everyone.

I'm gonna arrange the videos in order which I think would suit best

First, go with Daughter of Evil

Then, wait! Don't go for Servant of Evil! Instead, go for Prince of Blue

Third, SHOCK! Watch Servant of Evil (this is the only version I managed to find a nico singer performed it)

Wait, who's that red lady? Hmmm, watch Daughter of Vengeance!

Ow dear. What would happen to the princess? Here's Regret Message

Here's a side story of a friend of the green village girl. She met the princess in a chapel.

Finale to the play. Here's Re_birthday

But who really is the lady in green? Hmm. Perhaps Daughter of Green would explain

Hands down, EPIC WIN! Life's brief candle couldn't own this! For your info guys, the original story would be Daughter of Evil > Servant of Evil > Regret Message > Daughter of White. The other videos are fanmade and the side story of it. Sorry if you dislike the order of the videos, mate. I'll improve.

For this post, here's Yozuca Stitch Museum

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