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Friday, April 30, 2010 the midterm over? Yeah! How's aikido? Sucks......

                                                   The pony is exhausted carrying her!

Finally, I've rid the Chemistry Biology and Biotech tests (glad marketing don't have one. I'll screw up on that!). The marks arent really what I'm proud of but I'll say its better than average of the class. Finally, I got time writing this one up. Yesterday, I had been busy with labs, interviews and.....zetsubou sensei. Honestly I slept at 9am yesterday and woke up at 6. That's ........that's not sleep. That's hibernation right?!

I have taken aikido training quite a while and I don't really seem to improve much. Well, yes I'm able to make out moves now but I'm still slow at commencing the moves. Sort of like, I waited for the blow to get real close to me.Furthermore, Aikido style that I learned also have its stance but since I have gotten used to Silat, I pretty much standing straight most of the time. Many times I've been corrected to prepare my stance. That's very embarassing! The fact is though, the aikido stance is pretty much the same as attacking stance in silat yet I find it hard to make that stance before receiving an attack. Hm, this surely shows that Im lacking in offensive training.

Recently, we're given a short wooden sword to practise for half an hour before we learn new skills unarmed. It's quite useful really. The wooden sword helps me to magically estimate when to counter one's attack. The aikido sessions currently focused on training my body to be more 'flowy' (yeah, I couldn't find a better word for it). The training is pretty much attacking and countering while sitting down. I couldn't really describe it but there're a lot of pulling and pushing in this one so I think I find it easier to adhere to the flow of the counter, instead of resisting it. It don't really help in real life situation, but it does make the training easier.

Up until now, I learned how to counter single hand lock, when somebody grab me on the collar (not really collar. More like the part which a bully always reach grab you), frontal karate chop and sideway karate chop. However, on each techniques Im only good at one variation. I find it hard to learn all the variation cuz I'll be getting confused on which variation would I need to choose from and that results in me having even a slower reaction. Well, I will have another class this Saturday, so I'm looking forward to it. Maybe I can master more variation now. Hopefully.....

That's that, and this's this
So, here this post recommendation
Satou Hiromi - Merry Merry Go Round!

ps: At first I though she was the seiyuu for Ritsu in K-ON! but I was dead wrong. Ritsu seiyuu is Satou SATOMI, not Satou HIROMI. Well, it's a good mistake anyway. I found a great singer now =)

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