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Friday, April 9, 2010

Silent or silenced?

                                               Cute characters, Cute Marble!

 The real me, is timid.
I am confused by my own thought; always wondering whether I am quiet or I choose to be quiet?
"Silence is golden" that's very familiar right? I remembered that hung inside my standard 5 classroom back in primary school. Though, that time it is more likely to remind us to keep quiet in class rather than educating them about talking less and listening more.

Timid, most of the time is judged as a trait for those who have low self-esteem or low confidence value. Maybe that is true. Maybe I'm timid because I fear those that I am talking to. Maybe I'm not confident enough to express my thoughts in words, that I used this blog to convey it. Honestly, the fact that I'm not confident enough to talk more is partly true.

Though at other times, I find that talking is almost worthless at times. I ponder and ponder why people can and willing to talk about nothing. Worse, people are throwing insults at each other and devaluing others. Didn't the prophet taught us to speak of good words or remain silent? I always believe that it is crucial to think carefully before making a statement and making pointless sentences intended to get a response or to put down others will create a cycle worth nothing. Also, I always fear that I might insult someone that I would not know if he/she was hurt by my remarks that sometimes I choose to remain silent. Really, how can one live happily while he speaks ill of others. Rationally, these people are depressed. They build up so much stress from their work/study/family/peers/lives that they vent it on others. It's impossible for one who leads a happy life demeaning others!

The gift of language is given for us to support others, discuss matters in a group and builiding lasting relationships because ultimately, that's the nature of a human; always striving for good things.

So, enough about that. Here's this post's recommendation! =)
Marble - Sakura Sakura Saku

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