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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Take Over, The Holiday's Over

                She's immortal! Her face doesn't age at all! She looked the same 10 years back!

Yeah, its terrible! Holiday has come to an end and the workdays begin. I'm glad though, monday schedule isn't really hectic. I got so-hard-that-I-reread-10-times chemistry at 10 am. What I did during the lecture hour, I paid close attention and jot down anything that I find new or I think that is important. Frankly, chemistry is the class I paid most attention to. Then, I would reread whatever was taught in lecture and making sense of it.So....yeah, me in chemistry lecture is as clueless as Popeye unaware that he had stroke (bad pun huh?nevermind). Then, there would be fun Hoko-Hoko time with marketing lecturer at 12pm. His class is rather interesting. He would played songs that any of his students emailed to him before the lesson commenced. During that interval, I would be struggling to find an interview partner. After a wide 2 hour gap from 1pm, I got Biotech lecture at 3pm (there's biology tutorial after that but I still don't bother going). The lecturer, David Arckeley arguably provides the most interesting assignments so far! Well, biotech that I learn for this semester merely introduce techniques in biotechnology, current discoveries and examples of application. In other words, it's higher level EST. Yeah, the lecture is boring but he did able to make majority of the class paid attention to him. Not all of us do (some were facebooking in his lecture). However, the 200 level biotech is where the fun and pain begins (which I will learn next year. Well, I get to play the with DNA fingerprints like in CSI but forensic is more meticulous than what was shown on TV!).

Anyway, I found out that my time table is progressively hectic from monday to wednesday, and then smoothly reverts back to less hectic from wednesday to friday. It's a miracle! Seriously!
Well, sorry to hear my unstructured rants folks! Truth be told, I don't really have anything to write about. I'm just making an excuse to post link for Aiko new release. Hahaha. Gomen! Gomen!

So, here it is
Aiko - Baby

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