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Thursday, April 15, 2010


                                                          Just some random scans

I dedicate this post solely to U. No, not you; U! I first discovered U works while I was randomly downloading and playing stepmania simfiles. After listening to a 1.30 minutes of her song. I rushed to google her song listings! What so special about her? Her amai~ amai~ kawaii voice! Plus, the songs are mostly happy & upbeat. I just love happy,upbeat songs! It's like I can feel like everyone that took part in the performance really enjoyed themselves. It's just flowing with positive, carefree aura! Her music genre is bishoujo, which means pretty/cute girls. Sorry, I just couldn't really describe how does this genre differs from pop or anything. Just listen to it and you'll understand.

I have to say, another reason I enjoyed her songs is because of the trouble finding her songs. She performed solely for Visual Novels a.k.a dating sim games so I had to scrabble around random websites to find her albums. Those who are a fan of anime musics and game musics will know that the difficulty of finding game music versus anime music is like opening a can without or with using the can opener (weird analogy. Sorry for lacking creativity people). So, being able to find her works really gives a sense of accomplishment!

Anyway, I've collected as much of her works as possible and reupload them. It's hard to confirm whether I have the complete collection. Game OST with full version OP&ED isn't widely available on the Internet.
So, here's the link to it.

U! Super Collection!

PS : My favourite would be love-go-round, Special Day, Only your Witch & GO GO☆ら~びゅ (sorry, google translate don't really help).

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