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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Refreshing blog......loading, loading, COMPLETE!

                                                     Prolly waiting for bbq sausages. Nyum...

Well, surely you have noticed that I've changed the theme for the blog. If not, then you're no true fan! Bweeekk! (LOL JK!). Part of the reason I've changed the theme was that I found that the theme before this to be disturbingly feminine. Well, I've removed Reni Mimura from the playlist too. She's an interesting one actually; a Japanese Idol in America and brought along the influence of Harajyuku & Akihabara Maids fever to New York. Anyway, the only song that I enjoyed listening to was "My Shy Master", which you would have listened to if you read this blog before. Well, I'm not really fan of her though, still, I admire her for what she did in NY.

I want to be more organised in my future posts. There would be little housekeeping in here & there. Oh, about the new playlist; I have inserted OP and/or ED of anime that I recommend, currently following or I just like the song, not the anime. If you're an anime fan/lover/addict/hardcore and you're not sure what to watch, I hope the playlist might help you. Also, if you would like to recommend an anime to me or other people like us (yeah, like US), be it series,OVA or movies, just post the title on the comment sections of my most recent posts or just drop by at the chatbox and leave the anime title there. I would then look up for the OP/ED of that anime and add them to the playlist. Either way, both works for me =)
PS: over time, I might delete older songs to make room for the new ones

Four things I want to make it clear here:
1. For each post, I would include a single/PV/album that I find enjoyable. Links provided. Don't worry
2. I don't do requests. The anime titles that you left in the comment section or the chatbox would only go to  the playlist
3. I update this blog whenever I want so no poking, please!
4. This ain't a place to trolling or flaming

Here's this post recommendation :
Yozuca Soleil Garden
Part one
Part two

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