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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hanamaru Youchien - One kindergarden NOT for children audience

If we compare this kindergarden and the kindergarden we've been to, no wonder Japan became an economic superpower!

Hm, 1st time promotiong anime in this post. I guess I better start with synopsis first. The story mainly revolves around Anzu, a preschooler with carefree attitude closely resembles her mother with her two besties, a shy girl Koume and a child prodigy Hiiragi (episode 2 boasts of how frickin' genius she was!). She mistook her kindergarden teacher, Tsuchida was hitting on her though actually, Tsuchida was worried about her left alone on the street. She determined to become Tsuchida's bride after she heard about her mother & father epic "love at first sight" romance. Well, to make it more complicated, even her mother gave her an OK! The plot mostly revolves Anzu and her friends daily activities in preschool, and also the life of Tsuchida, who at the same time was attracted to warm-hearted, beautiful Yamamoto. As series progressed more characters are introduced such as Nishikaze-sensei and Kawako-sensei (I think both of them teach 2nd year pupils) with unique traits and funny stories. Moreover, Anzu, Kouma & Hiiragi did myriad of things to make Tsuchida attracted to Anzu (which is of course, impossible! how can an adult fall in love with a child....wait. Oh yeah, there's Lolicons...)

After reading that, one might think that it is just a normal, childish comedy. Apparently, it is not. This anime genre is a combination of comedy, seinen and slice of life (Taken from Seinen genre is for young adult...... BAH its 18+ material! and slice of life is more or less like something that happens in reality and left open-ended; for viewers or fans to think about. Well, don't get me wrong! Seinen isn't hentai. This is because, this anime potrayed mature issues. For example, a scene in episode one which  Tsuchida and Anzu's mother, Sakura known each other since high school. Sakura dropped out from school as she decided to follow her husband, who was apparently an art teacher in their school to America altough she was close to graduation because she was already pregnant of Anzu. Teenage pregnancy isn't something a 10 year-old should talk about, right? Well, I won't delve further as I don't want to spoil a good anime!

Well, don't worry about this issues. Comedy is the prominent part of this anime. Just laugh it off! LOL!
So, as I am promoting this anime, I think its appropriate to suggest their theme songs!
Here you go!

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Shiranaii Otoko said...

Man, I really miss my old kindergarden teacher now!

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