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Friday, April 23, 2010

Edelweiss All Vocal Tracks

                                                     This is sooo girls over flowers!!!

You know what? I really got nothing to rant on!! Like, the I had a test just this morning and preparing for the test was 'distractful' enough for me to ignore whatever went wrong these past few days! Right now, I'm experiencing bored to near-death situation (all games played, all anime watched, bandwidth limit reached). Yeah, yeah. I should study, I know. But who the heck would study on friday night?? Then again, who would stay inside his/her room staring at laptop all night long?

Ah, whatever! This post totally dedicated to Edelweiss All Vocal Tracks! Well, its nothing special unless you're a fan of NANA (not Mizuki Nana or Kitade Nana or any of those popular Nana-ses) or Yozuca like me. My facourite would be Shukufuku no Uta by Yozuca. Really, VN songs are the best and part of it due to their rarity! Too bad I couldn't find any scans for this though. So I just randomly ripped image it out of nowhere and paste it here. My god, this is soooo plagiarising!! Syyyy!

So, download it already!!
Edelweiss All Vocal Tracks

PS : This isn't character image. Just buncha OP and EDs for EDELWEISS

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