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Monday, March 29, 2010

It's love! Suddenly it's not....

Marble in japanese would be "Biidama". So cute!

 I don't know if maturity or jealousy has something to do with it but I'm getting tired of people talking about how happy they are with their boyfriends or girlfriends and how cool or hot or lukewarm (this one won't last long. Trust me!) their partner was. Though I became even more pissed off when people woed or depressed when they were dumped by their partner! Sorry folks, this post is more on the islamic side so I please don't feel biased or anything if you're not a muslim. In fact, post a comment and share your thoughts! I would love to hear your opinion more!

Firstly, let's use this verse in Quran

Tafsir al-Jalalayn
Vile women, and [vile] words, are for vile men, and vile men for vile women, and the mentioned [vile words]. Good women, and as mentioned [good words], are for good men, and good men for good women, and the mentioned [good words], that is to say, what suits something vile is its like, and what suits something good is its like — such, good men and women, the like of ‘Ā’isha and Safwān, are absolved of what they say, [what] the corrupt men and women [say] about them. For them, for good men and women, will be forgiveness and a glorious provision, in Paradise. ‘Ā’isha felt honoured by some of the things [mentioned] in this [verse], namely, that she was created ‘a good woman’ and was promised ‘forgiveness and a glorious provision’.

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Basically, how we carry ourselves would have an impact to who our partner is. Therefore, if you hear someone thrashing about their ex, you can safely conclude that he/she is spitting to the air. I said this based on what I've seen on my friends, people I know, and some people online. A friend of mine was complaining about how horrible his ex was to cheat on him but I've heard him saying "We always need 'spare parts' " plenty of times and his actions pretty much reflects what his ex did. This is just one of the many. I've seen em, you've seen em too so no need to delve deeper on this.

Really, if you want to have your happy ending, why do you play the game of monkey love? I'm not saying that I'm an advocate of the "end don't justify the means". There are plenty of cases where the end really justify one's actions. Just so you know, this rule really don't apply when choosing our mr or miss right. Also, to people who are looking for a partner; A LIFETIME partner, getting yourself into couples would not promise you anything. It's just a consensus that couple is important to know whether someone is suitable for you. Engagement works the same too, but it comes with more guarantees that the person ready to accept you as his/her life partner.

To those in relationship, I reckon you have 'declared' your relationship with him/her? who you have declared to? Parents? friends? Facebook? Seriously, what there is in that declaration? Don't buy the 'I would love you forever' when he still don't offer an engagement ring to you. Don't even dare to say that when you have your spare parts in your trunk! If your partner is really serious then he/she would not hesitate to move on to engagement. "I'm not ready to be engaged" is a total BS! Man, my first bad word ever to be used in my blog! I must've been very pissed! Engagement is the official declaration. In Islam, you can not "engage" someone who has engaged (I hope you get what Im trying to say here). Thus, engagement is for people who are serious about having him/her as her/his partner.

Those still crying over his/her ex, please don't be sad anymore (or at least don't put it as your status updates). It is an opportunity for you to be freed from the sinful things that you have done. Remember that verse, and apply it. If you want a good partner, YOU yourself have to be good! By good I don't just mean being friendly and nice. I mean follow what Islam has taught us COMPLETELY. Our actions reflects our hearts. How could you say you are a good person if you badmouthed others, showing off your aurat to public audience, and even couple? Look after yourself, seek Allah guidance and you will have a good partner that you wished for. Insya Allah

Sorry, most of the new albums I've collected are bishoujo music so I shared this old album instead. Here's
Marble - Tenohira

2 thoughts:

Ahmad Nazir said...

"Those still crying over his/her ex, please don't be sad anymore (or at least don't put it as your status updates). It is an opportunity for you to be freed from the sinful things that you have done"

True. If the other one decided to move on, then look ahead. I'm sick of it.

iLiYamashita said...

Cool!!!! I love this post!! Seriously!! Terharu ada gak ppl out there pissed off when their fren frustrated or cried coz they broke up with their so called bf. Nthen, when they got a new bf, the cycle starts again.... My ears da penat listening to their "luahan perasaan" and all. When i told them abt these couple2 thing wont last long la, they wont listen. Fed up gile

kawen je terus. Tolak dosa, tak buang masa, jimat duit

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