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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Temperature going downhill from here on.....

Waking up at 5.50 am today is a "cool" thing (cool; as I was shivering). Leaving the bed really becomes even harder. Really, if I were a physicts,  I would publish a theory about gravity. It'll be like this, "The centre of gravity is NOT at the singular point at the centre of the Earth. In fact, it lies at the centre of the bed". Radical, isn't it?

Anyway, I made my way out of the bed, went to the bathroom and took ablution. Hot water isn't really helping me to take ablution, even to take morning bath. Sure, I'll feel warm at first with the heat but then the water will all evaporate along with my precious body heat. The shivering got worse instead of better! I assume that's the reason why most locals here don't take morning bath. No matter how you try to make it warm, THE WIND WILL FREEZE U AFTERWARDS! Today, I finally put on sweater for subuh prayer or else I'll shake myself worse than my cellphone (That's right! You win, wind. Happy??).

Usual routines, after subuh prayers I would do a little 'reading' on facebook. Today is the birthday for three of my friends. Happy birthday to them *throwing confetti*!

Well, that's it for this morning report. Will update again later today.

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