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Friday, March 12, 2010

First Launch

Hey ya! This is my first, fully-owned-by-me blog. Before this is used to write along with a best friend of mine in his blog Arashi Kaze (I prefer not to announce his name. Everyone loves to be anonymous).

I'm not sure the real reason why I am starting this blog though (I'm sure the fact that most of my friends have them have something to do with it!!). I really have nothing to share with any of the readers now. REALLY!

Here, I would like to get used in writing in english so that my comprehension skills would not die out after SPM! Thus, I'll keep this as English to the best of my ability.

For now, I am looking for main theme of this blog. I don't want this to be a COMPLETE RANT ABOUT THE WORLD. Complaining isn't good, seriously. Anyone who are lucky.....or unlucky enough to run into my blog, please please please~ give me some ideas for this blog theme!!

Matta nee~

2 thoughts:

MiSs hAwA said...

memandangkan ko sangat taksub ngan dunia kejepunan ko, buat la blog bertemakan jepun... tuk mencurahkan segala ketaksuban ko di sini....


congratulations on your first post! meh aku bagi komen jahat sikit. shiranaii otoko kalau ikutkan salah grammar tu hahahahahahha. shiranai otoko patutnya. jahat tak aku.

anyway, singgah lah my blog from time to time, drop comments and such. when you have more people linking to your blog, it will show up in searches more.

happy blogging!

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