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Friday, March 19, 2010

Impulsive buying disorder

                                Yup. Still cute even in her thirties!

Seriously, I can't stop spending when it comes to electronics! Trademe site really made it a little worse. My sister is already mad at me for making purchase of the Play Station 3 which she thinks is better to buy it back home. Half of me (where sense of money sit there quietly) do agree with her cuz Malaysia tops when it comes to electronics prices. Though another half (where the adrenaline keeps pumping in) would keep yelling out "It's now or never!". Speaking of which, the reason I won the auction for PS3 was because I don't want to give it up. Probably the immature me got the best of me during the elventh hour. Now, I have a PS3 without a monitor / tv to hook it up! (Yes, I know. It's stupid!)

Fine, the PS3 may be a mistake for purchasing it too soon. Now, I agreed to wait till I returned to Malaysia to buy the monitor / TV for the console. Man, if I were the PS3 I would be really bored......

Anyway, I can keep myself busy for the wait. Time really flies quickly (if not, tell me do u think it takes a very long, slow process to get to the age where you are now?). Moreover, I don't really play game as much as before and this blog support my claim. Whoever know me from school would know how hardcore I was!
I've joined Vicmuslim committees as well. That oughta minimise my fun time by a notch. So.....yeah, as long I don't think about it, I'll be fine. 

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MiSs hAwA said...

ini salah satu sebab kenapa aku tak berminat nak try pada mulanya.

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