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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3rd Post = 3rd Impact

Hey, suddenly it's not so cold anymore! Is this the sign that I'm becoming more like on of the kiwis? Haha! UNLIKELY! Though in overseas, I rarely spend time with locals or any other international friends except for those who are from Malaysia. Great, if this keeps on, I would not be able to achieve one of my objectives, which is builiding networks.

Just last Sunday, there was this barbeque picnic organised by the Vicmuslim Society (Somehow I think the spelling is wrong. Nevertheless, I stand corrected). Quite unexpected, only the advisor and the president are non-malaysian (well, if you exclude another guy n 3 other middle eastern women). It is true; the kudos of Malaysian are that they stick together (Go Malaysians!). I arrived quite early though, not much to do as most of the work were being done by others. While the wait for the food, there was a charade game with the theme Islamic. It's not really hard to guess as it literally IN THE BLOOD except when guessing for the word tafsir. Really, how would you 'charade' that word out? The president called for meetings to elect (more like to choose out) candidates for sub-committees for Vicmuslim. Not much interesting part to describe there except for that we sat directly below the sun and a friend a my got sunburned.

Finally the fun part; EATING. There were fried rice (must have if there is Malaysian in the function!), coleslaw, mashed potato (seriously, its bland! Add more salt, butter or pepper please...), and of course, barbequed chiken n beef (Q:wha? no lamb? A: No, ironically, there's no lamb!). I must have really enjoyed the food until I FORGOT TO LEAVE SOME SPACE FOR THE ANOTHER ANZ PICNIC! Argh, I couldn't go (more like too lazy to go) for the picnic. Boy, madam Mi Wong going to be pissed the next time I went to ANZ. Better head for other branches....huhuhu. After repacking and cleaning up, I went back home in a van, holding bbq grill all the way back home with Zainal (he was in the back seat and the back door wasn't closed properly. If there was a sudden brake or accident, he's gonna flung out!

Glad the grill was delivered back safely and the next day began. Chemisty is tough as usual. Now, I really have a hard time understanding the bond theory. Octet thing does not apply anymore. Haih, I have to work even harder if I want to make it through. Moreover, the biotechnology 101 has begun introducing unfamiliar topics, which too, makes it just as confusing as Chemistry. Gladly, there's no experiment for biotechnology course......well, only for this trimester. How ironic though, I love chemistry and biotech now! Guess I really love something that I can't comprehend (this may explain my interests in J-music and not much interest in English and Malay music).

ANYWAY, It's recommmendation time! I've decided for every post that I make here, I would publish a link to a singles/albums that I came across which I really enjoys
For today, here's

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP2 Single - Fripside Level 5 Judgelight

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