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Monday, March 22, 2010

Stunt Flying

                                  Inspirational song by inspirational band of all time

Today, the wind is really strong! Autmn sure has its way of 'warm' welcome! Since morning I have been hearing howling after howling. Glad it stopped at night. Going to campus means climbing uphill to me and when the wind went the opposite direction. Its really feels like a tug of war, except without people screaming SATU!! DUA!! SATU!! DUA!! If I jumped on the spot I think the wind would push me aback and I'll end up tumbling after worse than the curios case of Jack & Jill. Going back after class was no better. While I was walking, the wind blows at the direction to my right; which it tries to blow me off to the street. Seriously, it really did a good job at doing that until I managed to grab onto a pole.

Interesting though, today there are not only birds and clouds up on the sky. Papers, plastic bags (and even lecture prints) were fluttering too. Well, to new International students, they learned not to wear miniskirts in wellington the 'hard' way. Everytime there's a howl, there's going to be a sudden raging wind AND, you will hear a flirty(I'm lacking the word to describe it) scream coming from girls with miniskirts. It happens in animes and it does happen in real life. No moe points though (sorry, the nerd inside me occassionally comes out and play around).

Also, I received a birthday cake from my senior (her birthday was on 14 but was celebrated yesterday due to some prank issues. I dunno). Really, I can't bring myself to finish even one slice of it! It's still in there inside the fridge. The cake is really thick and with each bite, you can feel it expanding inside your tummy, closing more space for another bite. This evening , I finally made my first kuah kurma. At first, I wanted to make egg kurma but because I forgot to boil the egg halfway the process, I put diced lamb burgers into the pot instead. The process was long that I managed to get a flu shot and chatting for 20 minutes with other residents. Well, it turned out okay for first experiment though, I made a little too much. So, I phone a brother who lives a level below me & give my extras to him (he's 24 and married. ~iina~). Using meat burgers to replace chicken or lean meat wasn't really a good idea. It didn't taste so good. I have to buy meats if I want to enjoy my dinner more.....

Well, thanks for reading. As token of appreciation here's
Larc en Ciel - Bless (PV)

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Syarifah Hawa said...

weyh~ resize ko punye chatbox... xnmpak lah bahagian tepi tu...

Shiranaii Otoko said...

Not possible. Can't pull the width of the chatbox further. Sides, it just shows who's online. Not really significant. I'll change them when this blog starts to catch attention

iLiYamashita said...

24 and married???!! macam tu ak pn nak camtu gak r nnt! 24 and married to matsuba senpai~~

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