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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Not knowing is a dangerous thing

                                      She does look like she wants to cry though.....

Everyone heard about Darwin and the theory of evolution, right? Just few weeks back, there were poeple distributing book The Origin of Species which is the supports Darwin's theory. Of course, there were protests against the book. I don't know who or where is the source of the protest but that's not what I want to talk about. Also, I'm not here to discuss how concrete or fragile, Darwin theory is.

I just want to ask, "How well do you know both sides of the story to judge whether one side is true or false?". I've heard people saying "don't read this book! this book disapprove the existence of god!" or something that shared the same point. I pondered to myself "Have you even read the book?". It's because the theory of the evolution conflicts with religion that some people reject the idea without carefully investigating them. So what happens afterwards? A big book barbeque (they should really tell me when they want to bbq the books, then I could bring some sausages and roast it for free!)

When people are not knowing/understanding about something, they can become radicals easily. The best example; 9/11. Really, after the incidents the muslims or people who look middle-eastern were treated horribly. They would go through A LOT OF RANDOM CHECKS in the airport (now its not so random, eh?) and certain people refuse to provide services/goods to muslims because they "don't support terrorism". Not to mention what happened to the mosques. That does not happen to United States alone, but other countries as well! People who understand Islam well will know that Islam never teach their followers to practice violence. People who don't understand them, would only believe what they see, which is by the way, sourced from misleading medias. Just recently, a muslim friend of mine were shouted "terrorists" at by an individual (presumably westerners). Even its has been nine years, there are still people who do not understand both sides of the story....

So please, be fair no matter what principles and beliefs that you keep to yourself.

Just to release some tense around here, here's
Miwa - Don't Cry Anymore (PV)

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Anonymous said...

do u know, after 11/9 tragedy, just right after dat, all the alquran translation sold out!!!
people want to know what islam actually taught us.
nnnnnn alhamdulillah, the amazing is 30, 000 american revert to islam..^_^

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