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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My sis wedding. I missed it.

Girls in victorian-style clothings. Those in medieval times sure are lucky....

Without doubt, the Internet bridge two worlds together. Too extravagant? Fine, Internet bridge 2 pc together! My home back in Malaysia finally got the Internet service (again....) and I skyped with the whole family when first contact was made. My parents pretty excited to see how I was here in New Zea. Seriously, everyone gathered to see me! Even my cat does! My mom brought Natrah to the webcam so that I could take a look at her. Man, how come every chance I get to see her, she would be sleeping that time?? Nevertheless, she looked too cute. She's waaay to small too. Probably since she was born prematurely. 

She was supposed to be due on June but she was born on May. Hm, so should she be a Cancer or a Gemini. Hmm? I'll say wait till she's old enough to speak. If she's like my mom, best chance she's a Gemini if otherwise, a Taurus (Come to think of it, we haven't had any Cancer in the family yet). If she's a cancer, I'm soo gonna get along with her! 

Anyway, back to the skype thing. I lament that the person installing the internet was late that they could not install the cable broadband until the wedding's over. Yeah, I missed all the action out there. Plus, when the Internet was installed, all relatives had gone back. Still, I get to chat with my whole family, which is still something  I should be thankful for. The chat went on like an hour with struggling to find anything to talk about in between. It's really hard to have a long conversation with your family. Short ones are fine though. 

Not much to rant on anymore, I'll post up Kalafina - Hikari no Senritsu, both Single and PV. I really love the lyrics of this song and I think I'll memorise it to sing it to Natrah. 

It goes without saying but, the ones in black is in Romaji and the blue one is the translation.

kono sora no kagayaki
kimi no mune ni todoiteru?
yumemiteta shirabe ha shizukesa no youni
Is the light of this sky
reaching your heart?
It’s like the melody you saw in your dream is falling into silence…
kimi no te ga mada yume ni tookutemo
omoidashite yo yasashii koe wo
dare ka ga kimi no tame utatta shiawase no KO-DO
Even if your dream is far from reach,
remember that tender and soft voice,
that voice of someone who sung a song of happiness for you.
sora no oto hibike, takaku kanashimi wo koete
kimi no me ni utsuru mono ha subete hontou no sekai
namida sae kimi wo koko ni todometeokenai
furisosogu hikari no naka ashita wo kanadete
The sky’s voice rings, overcoming the highest of sadness.
Everything being projected in your eyes is the real world.
You mustn’t let tears stop you here and now,
inside the raining light, you play for the future.
hontou ha dare ni mo kikoenai
sonna oto datta
demo dare no mune ni akaruku hibiiteta
Truthfully, no one else can hear it,
it was that kind of sound.
But it energetically rang inside of everyone’s hearts.
shiawase ha kitto tsugi no sakamichi de
kimi no fui wo tsite KISU wo kureru yo
itsuka sono namida ga kareru koro
kikoeru kimi no KO-DO
Happiness surely lies beyond the next hill,
after an unexpected turn, it’ll give you a kiss.
Someday those tears will dry, at that time
you’ll be able to hear your own sound.
taiko no oto kara hajimaru yo song of love
dare mo ga shitteita sono uta ni hitotsu
sorairo no onpu kasanete
It begins from the sound of the drums. It’s this song of love.
Everyone who knew that song, they all one by one
gather the Sky Colored notes.
hitori de utatteta toki ha sukoshi dake samishikute
kimi no koto zutto yondeita
todoitanda yo ne?
kimi no moto he
When I sung alone, I was a bit lonely,
I was always calling for you.
It reached right?
It reached you right?
hontou no itami ga
kimi no mune ni fureta toki
yumemiteta shirabe ga
shizukesa no youni
When true pain
falls upon your heart,
it feels like the melody you saw in your dream
is falling into silence…
sora no oto hibike, takaku kanashimi wo koete
ima koko ni ikiteru koto waraiaeru sono hi made
yasashisa mo yume mo koko ni todometeokenai
kieteyuku hikari no naka ashita wo kanadete
The sky’s voice rings, overcoming the highest of sadness,
and playing until the day everyone can live and smile.
We mustn’t let tenderness or dreams stop us here and now,
inside the disappearing light, play for the future.
yagate kimi no te ga tsukamu dokoshie no shinjitsu
kanawanai to omou kara
isso takarakana koe de
sono uta ni kimi ha kibou to nadzukete naita
yumemiru hito no kokoro ni dare ka ni todoku yo
Finally your hand took hold of the Eternal Truth,
you thought it was beyond your capabilities,
so with a loud voice
you named the song “Hope” and cried…
That song will touch the hearts of everyone!

Here's the link to it. I purposely made you go through the lyrics before downloading the song. You're welcome!
Kalafina Hikari no Senritsu (PV)
Kalafina Hikari no Senritsu (Single)

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Princess Hawa said...

ahaha. that's why I rarely call home. nothing much to talk about. kalau lama pun hanyalah sebab bincang resepi.

iLiYamashita said...

ak tak ske contact my family sebenanye. coz i dont wanna miss home. nnt mood jd tak best.

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