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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sacrificing my Facebook account...

Reminiscing the days I survived by leeching J-music from friends

Lately, we were bombarded by the news of flotilla, ships carrying humanitarian aids which were attacked by the Israeli commandos and warships. It's really excruciating to see how they were attacked by live bullets and were called terrorists/extremists because they retaliate with kitchen knife and metal pipes. Those are weapons of people who are desperate to defend themselves. If you had people who pointing an assault rifle at you, would you just stay there waiting for death like reared animals? No, you would do everything possible to defend yourself! 

Though, it's nothing compared to see ignorant comments that say those on board were stupid moslems or islamic extremists. Those who say people on board deserved what they get, they did not know there are americans, christians, jews, women, elders, members of the parliaments on board and others around the world! At any time, they could be killed! I salute those making ignorant comments supporting Israeli soldiers who would not hesitate to shoot down people of your own country. Your love for genocides exceed the love you had for people of your own country.

Enough of that, so I'm pulling out a great effort to deactivate my Facebook account. It ain't easy considering I had contacts of my childhood friends, distant relatives and even my teachers on the my list. It would not be easy to acquire it back. For that reason, before 6th of June 2010, I would pull as many as I can to join MillatFacebook, which is like Facebook only not biased against Muslims. Also, I wanna tell here that MillatFacebook is NOT for muslims only. It's for everyone but perhaps not for those who love senseless killings. 

To readers of this post who support human rights, please leave your facebook account and look for alternatives. It ain't easy and it seem futile, I know. The most important thing here is that we are making an effort to put pressure to the Israeli Zionists. I apologise to people following Judaism if you are offended by this. I don't hate you. I hate zionists.

Here's for share

I used to have some of their songs when I was in boarding school. Oh, how nostalgic! 

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