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Saturday, June 12, 2010 about timing....

Highschoolers with typical

Its exam period currently in my university and It'll be over on 26h June 2010 (Well, it's over for me since my last paper would be on that date). I've had 2 papers last friday. Boy, that marketing paper would be a disaster! Frankly, I couldn't manage to fininsh it! I blame on spending one fat hour making the structure of answers. If only I cut it down till 45 minutes, I couldve finish it all. Oh well, I just missed the overview of the marketing recommendation report. The ideas already there, though. Prolly just get few marks cut from format. The marketing final would account 60% of the total marks and the other 40% came from interview assignments. Funny thing, I forgot to pick up my assignment assessment, rendering me clueless of my own internal mark. I'm going to assume the worst by getting 30% on that assignment and I wish that somehow, I would get 45% from the 60% from the final (hopes too high? I don't know how I fared on it actually). My senior told me that marketing was easy. Well, yes it was considering it's an open book and there's no wrong answer but reasoning must be concrete. Argh, I've lived a life where everything comes with answering scheme and boy that marketing answering scheme does not help me much!

I walked out from the exam hall with little depression. To make the matter worse, I was told that I had to continue my contract in this studio room I've been living in until November! There goes my financial planning gone to dust! For the 2nd semester, I would no longer possess any extra allowance all extras had gone on paying the rent for the first semester! Now, I would have only about $300 per month to spend on groceries. Yeah, I had the $250 monthly budget plan but still! I hate to know the fact I can only save $50 per month! Part time? Too lazy. Well, yeah I would look for it during the second semester. Perhaps working once a week for 6 hours could gain around $250 per month, which would generate pretty income. Well, that's 2nd option. These thoughts kept me in distress enough to distract my thought on the upcoming biology exam. As my mother has said "Do not let money matters worry you". I tried ignoring it, cooling myself off with ice-cold Mountain Dew (A small can of soft drinks were all I could think of when making the purchase, I'm still thinking of saving money that time! Lol at me!). During the biology examination, any thoughts of the rents and money stuffs were cleared off my head. I uttered words of thanks to Allah for calming me down. That's right! No wonder I didn't had enough time for Marketing paper! I didn't commence with bismillah like I did during Biology exam! A 2 hours paper was done in one hour (Not really impressive, three people had finished before me).I done re-checking, only to notice three mistakes in my answers (I've so used to MCQ with four choices that I always answered D as E). That's not a good sign, right? Well, glad I've AMPLE time to recheck. Anyway, it takes about only 20 minutes to recheck all 80 questions again.

Now I've just talked to the person in charge of the rooms in the accommodation and she would check for anyone interested in replacing me. I hope there would be. I wouldnt want to stay in the room for another 6 months!

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iLiYamashita said...

well, i have to get out from this international house on august although the limit was till 25th sept... its just soo.... urgh... y not satu tahun dok kat sini?!!! otherwise i cud jimat like crazy... the rental is around 20,000 yen per month. (excluding electric n gas bill) thats pretty cheap...

Princess Hawa said...

exam bio ko totally mcq ke? giler arh.

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