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Friday, June 18, 2010


The cover and the tracks doesn't match at all!!

By Saturday, 19th June 2010, a senior of mine would be offically have his own family. Congratulations to him and may the marriage blessed by Allah. Just a night ago, we threw a 'bachelor party' for him (Well, it's just taking him eating out in Wellington's famous Malaysian Halal Restaurant!). A lot of people came, making the event pretty much massive! I met with others, catching up whatever had happened to them. It turned out not only that groom going to go back home, there's another one! He went home for vacation for 3 weeks, which if you ask me, it ain't worth it unless you managed to reap a great flight deal, which I haven't found any...

Another senior went to the gathering, bringing along own made lamb kurma. Seriously, that kurma tastes just like one in Malaysia. Someone asked him, "How you made it so original?". He said he used kerisik (which, I don't know what it is in english). Well, no wonder kurma I made didn't taste awesome! I have to somehow acquire that kerisik thing. 

Let's pull back to the main topic. That senior said that he hoped that all of us would find our own partner in life and settle down in the best way according to Islam. That's a great wish. However, hearing that, uneasy questions rose again in my thought; if I found someone, would I cherish her all my life in the name of Allah? Would I be able to carry out the responsibility as a husband properly? Would I be able to solve problems with my partner if they arise? Would I be able to guide her if she astrayed? 

Speaking of which, my relatives sort of giving pressure to me to find a girlfriend. I refuse to be in that relationship as I don't believe in it. But I got a feeling that they think I fail at life in the sense of I could not be in a relationship with opposite sex. I depised that thought and just kept telling myself it's all just in my head.I hate people thinking that bf/gf relationship is a MUST have in order to get married. It serves no purpose! People giving me reasons why I need to be in a relationship but I never had seen those reasons to be justified. For example, reason no.1 : girlfriend is needed to give you motivation to study and I saw him wasting time with his girl on the phone and messenger resulting in their assignments unfinished and asked mine for it! Plus, if there were problems with their partner, they would be depressed and cannot study. So, how's that a motivation for your study?  Reason no. 2 : you're gonna feel lonely being single. Well, yes I am but that's due to the fact that I lived ALONE in this room! There're few others like getting to know the person before making up your mind and such but there're even a GUIDEBOOK to counter those arguements available on net! 

Oops! Sorry, I got ahead of myself. Anyway, I'll be sharing ave;new works for this post 

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