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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Away from Blog for 2 weeks

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Yeah, it's late. I know. A lot of things happened in for the past 2 weeks. Just right after finals, I had to clear up my stuio room and move in to my friend's house which is being notorious for having climate colder inside the house than the outside. Well, that's a boo for the comfort but at least I get to use p2p and access hongfire!

Right the day after final, I'm already on my way to Auckland. 45 minutes flight really doesn't feel much. All u get to do for the period is munching on the chips and watch whatever is there on the mini lcd screen. Apparently, they're sorta showing maori music videos. Not my taste.

Upon arriving to Auckland, we didn't get to explore the city. No. I had to go to a campsite located at the outskirts of Auckland! The campsite pretty much similar to what you see in the western movies or Camp Lazlo. Sleeping in lodge, proper toilets and even kitchen. Funny though, the lodge we stayed in was actually for the kids. The beds were brightly-coloured and somewhat small. It doesn't matter really. The place's insulation is even lower than what is acceptable and the heating was really insufficient! Due to this, none of us slept on the beds. We dragged down the mattress to the hall and slept there.

For a length of a week, I sat on lectures/discussions/tutorials/ regarding dakwah; why we need to perform it, what proofs that showed that the duty of dakwah is shouldered to every muslim, who are our targets and how to do it (well, it's just a rough outline. The details are miniscule). What I've learned prolly I would tell sometime later.....or depends.

After the camp, I stayed at a senior's house. The day after the camp was a free day. I spent the morning arguing over the game of Risk and on the afternoon, I got a chance to visit the NZ Sky Tower. The view from the tower was breathtaking. But, it's just the view is nice. Nothing else. Nope, no sir! Well, then again KL tower isn't better in any way except for being taller than the Sky Tower. That evening, I met my ex-roomate. I think he's gotten weight. What the heck, it's winter! Everyone builds up fat! 

Yeah, I'll keep this story on hold for now. I'll write the part 2 of it this soon.

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