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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Clearing up! (I think the order of this post has been messed up. Sorry)

 $10 for that bazooka blast out lollipops!

 Awww, I finally had to leave that studio room. That place's really comfy and all but I can't keep up with the rent any longer! The checkout process was rather a peculiar one. I would be moving out with having a friend of mine to have submit my keys and proper documents for me since I would be away from home from today till the end of the winter break. Thanks goodness he was willing to help but then again, I'm not sure whether the admin will accept having someone else to return the keys and docs to them instead of me (policies are there to make their lives' better and ours to be worse!).

Nevertheless, clearing up room by yourself is a very tedious task indeed! I mean, I had to clear AND clean the kitchen,bathroom and bedroom all by myself! Unlike life's in Intec before, we would split the task between four of us. Cleaning the shower is the hardest part, seriously. I had to use the coarse scrubber + Mr Muscle to remove all the grim marks all over the shower floor and seriously, that stain was there even after a number of sprays I put on them (Yeah, I wiped it too!).

To think that I done all this after my last paper. That freedom wasn't much freedom after all. Much of the enthusiasm of celebration died with household chores...

Thanks to help from two of my new housemates (there are 6 of us here), all my things were now placed safely but not well-organized in the new house. Now, all that is left is to convince all of them to buy an HDtv..........

This Post Promise :  Ave;new A LA MODE 2(CHUぅ☆) 通常盤
 Yeah, I know. Another Ave;new. Shut it!

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