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Saturday, July 24, 2010

$250 dollar story

I'm now in love with Milktub

Abu Yahya Suhaib b. Sinan said that Rasulullah saw said : “Wondrous are the believer’s affairs. For him there is good in all his affairs, and this is so only for the believer. When something pleasing happens to him, he is grateful, and that is good for him; and when something displeasing happens to him, he is enduring (sabr), and that is good for him” ( Muslim )

It was on 9th of July. My friends and I went for a ski trip together on our way back home to Wellington from Auckland. The place was amazing, it was snowing!! Yeah, I lived in the part of the country where it doesn't snow. I'm really glad I did. Though the weather wasn't really pleasant, it is still good enough for skiing.

For renting the gears, I withdrew $400 worth of cash. Yeah, it's a lot of money considering I'm just gonna rent the gears, not buying them! That sum of money was meant to pay the house rent for the month of July as well. Earlier, I wanted to withdrew $800 but the teller machine gave this "withdraw limit reached" mumbo jumbo! Nevertheless, I settled for $400.

After making the necessary payment, Everyone including me geared ourselves with the skis/snowboards and ready for a literally rolling experience. Since our car was quite a distance from the building, I kept my wallet safely inside the pocket and have it zipped up.

Skiing is really tiresome! I fell face down BEFORE reaching the skiing slope! Well, it ain't so embarrassing since everyone else fell too. Apparently we're too much of a thrift to take skiing lesson. Say what you want, but experience is the best teacher! After the third fall, I learned how to slow down and brake though I didn't really do well at it. What makes it hard was that my boots got detached from the ski board several times. Reattaching boots is really hard thing to do especially when you're on a slope! Overall, I fell for five times and the last part, I slided and rammed to the back of a ski instructor. Man, he looked pissed.

Unfortunately enough, after we decided to stop for prayers, I realised that my pocket was bared open and my wallet was missing. Yup, with enough falling from skis, the zip can be ripped open and the wallet can be flung out! To add salt onto it, the weather suddenly turned worse and they called off everyone to return.Oh, such a predicament happening in the middle of the ski resort!

That evening, my senior helped me to make a police report. I have lost $250 of cash, bank cards and student IDs. It's most problematic since my local bank was out of funds and I had to rely on Malaysia bank card to survive until the month of August. Fortunately, my senior was kind enough to give me $100 to make do with everything until the end of July. Seniors suggested me to apply for student hardship funds and claims from the insurance. I did both and in return, I gained $260 from hardship funds and still waiting for reply from the insurance company.

Just yesterday, my wallet was posted back to me. A samaritan found my wallet and returned the wallet without taking a single buck from it! Well, I need to pay him the postage fees. Such a peculiar this incident was!

So, for this post, here you go!

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