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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fallen sick.....its natural

Introducing......Mio Akiyama!! Heck I've always wanna say that!

After waking up for performing sollah in the morning, my head felt truly heavy all of a sudden. I guess my body is still unused to the weather condition in New Zealand eh? Wrapped with a hoodie, I still woke up shivering in the praying room. Well, it's partly my fault, as electricity is included in my apartment room rent, the heater has been turned on 24/7! Thanks to that, it's no wonder that I would've gotten sick easily when I sleep at other places with no heater! Done with the programs,I immediately rushed home cuz my head was too dizzy for anything then. Right after I arrived, I dumped all my things and jumped onto the bed. Although I'm now in a warmer and more comfortable room, my body could not stop shivering. I slept all the way from 7am to 2 pm.

Somewhere at 11 am, my mom phoned. Gee, I really hoped that my mother would not notice that I'm sick today. All of them are in Rantau Panjang, celebrating my sister's wedding on the male side of the family. Right after the call, I easily dozed off again until 2 pm. Now at 6pm I'm not feeling any better. Perhaps, I would continue sleeping after isya' today. My meal today, only muffin with baked my conditions now, I felt like throwing up every time I swallowed them.

Hopefully I would recover by tomorrow. I need to make up for the times wasted when I'm supposed to study. In my current state, reading facts about fungi would make feel like throwing up! Ugh!

Yeah, I would proceed no further about this. My theory is: The more I think about the fever, the more ill I would become. Hope it works since I'm good at distracting myself.

For this post, here's
K-ON!! Pure Pure Heart

2 thoughts:

Princess Hawa said...

haritu aku demam, 3 hari mengurung diri sendiri dalam bilik. ponteng kelas. lol. nasib baik hari tu takde lab.

Shiranaii Otoko said...

Yeah, sgt x seronok sakit kat perantauan. Nasib baik gak sakit time study break daripada sakit time exam t

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