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Saturday, March 20, 2010

South East Asian Night Market; Not much like the old night market in Malaysia

Please. Don't look and her, thinking whether she had clothes on...

Thanks to Nady, I remembered to attend this event. Seriously, when you are living alone it's hard to keep up with the news (though I received an email about it. Too long! Didn't read!). When it is a market, what I had in mind was I can restock my supply of Adabi & Brahims spices and maybe instant foods. With that in mind, I brought along a knapsack, just in case they do not provide plastic bags. Actually, it isn't really a night market. More like a carnival if you ask me. Little number of booths actually selling crafts (which are Vietnam & Indonesia booth) and the rest majority of em are selling their national cuisine.

To help you readers to picture how the event was like, imagine this: If the venue is a tin can, then we are the sardines stuffed inside it! There are more Kiwis that South East Asians there! I'm impressed! This must mean that our food tops!! (go ASEAN!!)

1st booth, Malaysia! (Any malaysian would've been there first before anything else). Let's see what they got :hmmm, Roti Canai (or its luxurious name : Roti Chenai) Satay, Muruku, Teh Tarik (Heck! Is that really Malaysian specialty? Show me what makes teh tarik and teh susu panas different?!) and Oh, Roti Jala!! My favourite!! Too bad though, a single roti canai costs $5, and that's not even well-made! Though I wanted to have Roti Jala badly, 3 pieces for $4 must be a joke! Then again, it's unfair to compare price of food here to Malaysia. The stalls were staffed by either the MSDs' staffs or Malaysian who have become permanent resident of Malaysia. I didn't had a chance to talk to them as they were so busy. From the booth I had Satay and Teh Tarik. That's $7. kaching!! it's funny to hear non-malaysian/indonesian pronounce teh tarik. Sounds like tea tarick. I actually had to help a woman reprounce it as the cashier keep asking her to repeat herself 2 times. It's nice though, to yell out Teh Tarik Satu! Last time before I came to Wellington, Rafi Bistro was the last time I said that.

2nd booth, Indonesia. The booth was just as bustling as Malaysia and India. EVERYBODY LOVES CURRY i guess (Only Malaysia, Indonesia and India booth provide curry/spicy foods). I tried out 3 dishes; Bakso, Rendang Nasi & Something that taste like cucur but the indonesians didn't call them cucur. Bakso, excellent taste. Really made me wondering why the Bakso I tasted in Malaysia tasted so bland! Rendang Nasi, no comment. Taste just like any other nasi rendang. The cucur thing, I wish there were some prawns inside it!! So, that $12 burnout! That makes my dinner cost : $19. This is the most expensive dinner yet!

For other booths, I didn't really checked them out. They were selling pork meats and some of them cooked them together with chicken and beef! Seriously, pork smells delicious! Very tempting indeed! So, when you heard a familiar phrase like "....rasa macam b***!" , please don't misunderstand. They really mean it tasted finger-lickincious!(I know such words don't exist anywhere but its my blog. I can write stuffs up!)

There were performances too. There were three performance that represents Malaysia. 2 of them were already known as they practiced under the MSD but the other one was caught us by surprise! Suddenly appeared out of nowhere! The first two performed traditional dance (Zapin & Kepang. I missed Kuda Kepang show though. Sorry Nady & Fazmi! )but the other one performed "Malaysian hip hop dance". Do we have our own style of hip hop dance?? Well, that's surely something worth finding out....

SO, here's this post's recommendation. Credits to Naa Haha! =)
Anna Tsuchiya - Bubble Trip/ Sweet Sweet Song

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