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Saturday, June 18, 2011

1 more to go

 Members of the course. Actually, there should be more of us but since on that day the course was technically over.......
So, earlier this month I've successfully completed my Introductory Japanese course. The whole course is 100% internal assessment which I'm glad because I've got 3 other difficult exams this month. Right now, I'm able to form basic sentences in Japanese but I could not understand completely a normal everyday conversation between 2 native Japanese. That would takes time and practice.

The class had been so awesome. It's 2 hours per session and 2 times a week with 1 hour tutorial and 1 hour peer study group. However, memorising 20 Kanji per week isn't very fun. Early in the semester, I memorised as much Kanji required in the course so that I wouldn't run into much trouble in the end of the course. Plus, though it is encouraged for those learning language to make flash cards, I've never made one. I relies on making a sentence with hiragana and make another sentence with the same meaning but I replace the words I've learned in Kanji into the latter. Learning vocabs? Pretty much making labels on my stuffs and watching animes.....and listening to music as well. Pretty messy but it worked wonders!

What I've learned when learning a new language is that it is important to have a great interest in the language. What makes learning a new language is hard is that it requires one to practice constantly. Sentence patterns and grammers ain't that difficult. Just that trying to translate a sentence in your mind from English to Japanese is the most difficult bit. Listening and reading is easy but when speaking, you need to mind you pronunciation, tenses, fomalities and that sorts.

Starting today, I've finished 2 out of 3 final exams. The last one is at the end of the month. I got plenty of time to prepare but today is not a part of it. Bah, I'll begin tomorrow!

So, I've made another compilation of Wotamin works. I'm unable to sort all her works by date so I apologise if there are overlaps between this one and the previous one. Also, I'm including works from Toriko and Somnium. Trivia : Wotamin is Korean. Toriko....well....I dunno. Her english was smooth though.

There you have it

Nico Singer Wotamin 2
Nico Singer Somnium

Nico Singer Toriko

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