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Friday, April 15, 2011

Yatta! Yasumi wa Yattekuru!

Yeay! It's finally mid term break. After hectic study schedule, I finally earn my break. What? did you chuckle earlier? You didn't believe that I actually STUDYING?!! It's legit, ok! I DID spent most of my weekday hitting books. Weekend is another story though......but never mind that.
The past 2 weeks had been spent hitting the books in preparation for test. There was Philosophy test, Japanese Progress test, Biochemistry first test and earlier today, Biotechnology Test. I did well on the earlier three but not for the last one. Biotechnology paper is surprisingly difficult! I can't believe I performed minimally for my major papers but the opposite for the other papers.

Believe it or not, I spend a lot less time playing games since a month ago. I realised that as long as I can distract myself doing something more productive / significant, I can literally go through a whole day without playing them. Although, I would be playing games when I'm stressed but that would take only about an hour per day. I think I've become somewhat more organised. Every morning, if I could somehow stay awake after Subuh prayer, I would spend the morning reviewing Kanji and practising my Japanese writing skills or reading philosophy papers before class. I find Philosophy paper interesting, they often makes me think for a solution to many hypothetical, yet plausible (well, normally the situation isn't THAT PLAUSIBLE) situations. They pose questions that I would most of the time, take for granted. For example, in animal treatment, I'm taking a stand to support it but I faced problem of to what extent that animal experimentation can be done and I need to find a good reason why.

Anyway, back to my schedule. In the afternoon, I would be caught in the Uni shop, queuing for Tulsi Butter Chicken curry (that thing is a yum!). Let's see, on Monday, I would spend my afternoon in Language Learning Centre after class to read Japanese manga (I'll be honest, I'm reading Doraemon). Same thing on Friday. Tuesday and Thursday would be spent in labs, doing experiments. On Wednesday, I would meet up with a good friend of mine to practise speaking Japanese together and attend tutorial for Japanese Language. From the looks of it, I'm sure spending a lot of my time doing Japanese! Well, kind of. Learning new language is always fun, ESPECIALLY if you enjoy their music!

Only at night, I would be reading Biotechnology and Biochemistry notes. I used to attempt to read ahead of lectures but it doesn't help. The lecturers tend to omit keywords in the handouts so that I HAVE TO ATTEND LECTURES! Before sleep, I would then do my share of Quran recitation and attempt to memorise verses. Seems dull, yes? Say what you may but doing this make me have a good night sleep, knowing my whole day is spent unwasted.

On random yet often occasion, I revised my silat. I'm a home bug and I'm not good at sports. So martial arts do me good. It's the only means for me to sweat myself. Once a week, I would ask a housemate to help me by becoming my 'punching bag'. Lol. I'm grateful that he's fine with it though.

So, waffles aside, I'm going for a 5 day trip to Rotorua starting next Monday. What I'm gonna do next. Hmm.....let's see........nah, I think I'll just memorise more Kanji. I think I've been lied by the course catalogue. The book says "memorise 92 kanji". What it DIDN'T say was that there are about 32 supplementary kanji to memorise! *&#*&$(@#&$(@!!!

Sorry guys, I won't be giving Japanese lesson for this post. Perhaps on the next post.

Yeah, and finally, I've made a new Nico Singer Compilation. The girl's Kano. Her voice mimics Makino Yui.
Try it out


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