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Thursday, October 28, 2010

BAM! Comeback!

Found this while random browsing

 Wow, it's now close to November! Currently everyone is in the "Final Examination" mode and spending more time in library than other places. Well, who can blame em? It's 6 Bajillion times better!

Well anyway, when I open my Facebook it will always be something like this :

Opening my Facebook account......
(Browsing.....browsing.....scrolling here, like there......putting LOL spam on whereever I could.....)
Hm.....I'm seeing that pattern again.

Surely you guys have noticed how status updates of your friends on Facebook changes dramatically in during the exam period. Still, I'm just putting it out there certain things that will pop up during the finals

1) People started asking for forgiveness and ask others to make du'a for them
It's a praiseworthy act to seek forgiveness from others and it is very good do make du'a from others. People should do this more often and I REALLY hope people seek for forgiveness at all times, not just prior before examination. Plus, if you really want to seek forgiveness, it is better to see that person yourself or at least call him/her. Writing status updates about it or writing a draft about being sorry-if-I-have-ever-wronged-you and mailed it to your whole network of friends is just..........

2) Self-motivating status updates
"History subject for tomorrow! FIGHT!", "Tomorrow is the last paper! Aja aja fighting!" (I have no idea what aja aja fighting means nor how it was created in the first place). Those are the common few. I think it's a great thing though, having your friends cheering and wishing for the best of you, or motivating you if you're diffident (I thought there is such word as "inconfident", guess not) about your exam. That's what friends for, right? Always there whenever you need them.

3) Massive tagging on motivational photos (my habits of posting demotivational posters is counted out okay?!)
The best thing to do if you're uncertain that your friends might not see your wish from the status update. It's easy; find neat photos over the net, edit it with wishes or motivational messages, upload it to Facebook and click-click-click for x number of times where x can range from 10 to 3000.....or more. Doing so in the past will  get you 99 notifications in less than an hour but with the new layout, you might just get 3 maybe?

4) The Balik Kampung Fever (Basically it's the sudden burst of homesick feelings)
 This phenomenon might be explained biologically. You see, as we finished our final papers one by one and meeting close to the last paper, our brain started to secrete hormones called WGB (wanna go back) hormones which is then travels to the heart to which in turn secreting FTP (EFF this paper!) hormones in pulses which renders our facial muscles to contract, making a frowning expression from time to time (side effects may include suddenly remembering your families, friends or the girl from back home that you really miss and hearing a slow, nostalgic music in your head) . Upon finishing the last paper, there would be a surge of WGB and FTP hormones which causes a negative-feedback mechanism which instead the facial muscles worked oppositely to create a BIG SMILE and this event stimulates the epidermis muscles to stretch out and the voice box of the person to vibrating at YAHOOO freqency.

5) Depressing updates (which may be linked with abnormal Balik Kampung Fever)
Often occurs after certain examination papers which the person might or might not have prepared enough. This is due to they find themselves unable to answer critical questions (which carry loads of marks) or they are just the douche who thought anything below an A is fail. The updates are everything along the lines of "FAIL!".

So, I'm gonna post 3 things for today 

Well that's it.

2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

ko tatau apa itu aja aja fighting??? hahaha
ok, itu sangat menggambarkan ko xpernah tgk cite korea

Anonymous said...

itulah kebiasaan mode exam. lebih dekat kpd tuhan. bertwakkal sesungguhnya slpas berusaha sesungguhnya. tp, persoalannya di cni, hanyakah bila kita diuji shj masa utk kita bnar2 btwakl pdNya?? pernahkah kita tfikir dlm perjalanan ke kelas, kita benar2 btawakal pd ALLAH agar selamat sampai klas walaupun jarak hostel nga klas x lah jauh sgt. bajet mesti sampai lah klas. renungan bersama...

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