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Sunday, August 22, 2010

I've been lagging, I've been busy. BAH! I WAS LAZY

 The video is really cool! Check out!

Yeah, I've left this blogging for few weeks already. Frankly, I don't know what to write sometimes. I didn't really participated in any activites. Wait, I did had to help selling the Vicmuslim foods but I'll spit it out later.

It's the month of ramadhan so my days are more packed with revising, labs, reciting quran + improving them and Tarawikh prayers. At first glance, I felt it was draining on me to endure this month but and another point of view, I did received what I've asked for. I prayed for my days to be filled with beneficial activities; be it to Allah, myself or others. After that thought, I've became more positive toward this specially-made schedule in Ramadhan.

I've been gaming and anime-ing less too. That's a pro right? Well, my hibernation period increases too! My bed time would be about 10pm or else I wouldn't be able to wake up for sahur. After subuh, I would be sleeping again for another hour. Yup, A lot of sleeping there! Since I couldn't study at my new home, I've spent more time in the campus.. Usually, I would be staying back after tarawikh for an hour or two in computer labs to revise, finishing up reports and also, downloading animes (I can save my share of home bandwidth this way. Lol!). Well, gaming and anime time has been properly sort out involuntarily. I would be playing games at the hours before breaking fast, which usually less than an hour and a half and watching animes only during breaking fast and sahur.

Oh yeah, here's Ikimono Gakari Kimi ga Iru PV. Really cool, I'll say.

Anyway, I'll be posting 3 stuffs this time. Trying to make  it up.

SCANDAL - Temptation Box
I would prefer their first album 

Aso Natsuko - Movement of Magic

Ikimono Gakari - Kimi ga Iru

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