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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Ideas.....what do you think?

Piano cover of Go! Go! Maniac! Subscribe if you like. His covers are cool.

Well Hello
It's been a very long time. Yup, I was lazy and there was no motivation for doing this. Until 2 days ago, a frined of mine talked about his blog which he utilised as a 'revision tool'. It's really interesting and honestly I couldn't have thought of that

Here's how it works :

He made notes in class and wrote it up in his blog. He puts in grammars, new vocabularies and some phrases which he thinks practical or just plain interesting. Sometimes, he used the slides posted on Online Blackboard and pasted them in where necessary.


For my case, I could do that, I suppose but that would be limited to my Japanese and Philosophy course. Plus, judging by the accumulation of course points (it's something like credit hours), I might not be able to pursue my interest in Japanese any further than Introductory Japanese. Regardless, may my own passion guide me to self-education.


The は particle

So, は is generally like 'is/are/am'. It's used normally to form a sentence of stating a fact/situation.

The simplest sentence one can think of is "My name is Takeshi."

The sentence would be : わたし は たけし です。[Watashi wa Takeshi desu].

Desu is kinda there in a simple sentence to make it appropriate.

The equation here is X は Y です.

This pattern is used to indentify a person or a thing X as item Y.

Let's have another go :

ほりえさん  は  せんせいです Romaji : Horie-san wa Sensee (Sensei) desu. [Mr/Mrs Horie is a teacher]

ボア  は  かんこくじん  です Romaji : Boa wa kankokujin desu. [BoA is a Korean]

せんもん  は  かがく  です Romaji : Senmon wa Kagaku desu. [(My) major is science]

*note to self :

1. If you watch some drama or anime, they would use 'sensei' when refer to a teacher. eg. Itoshiki sensei. By writing 'hiraganacally' it is sensei [せんせい] but the correct pronunciation is sensee.

2. Actual Japanese sentences do not have gaps between words. Really, even up till now, reading them is a pain!!

3. I used to be a fan of BoA.

4. I'm using hiragana and katakana since I'm not good at Kanji yet

 Vocabulary lists

1. ゆうびんきょく - Yuubinkyoku [Post Office]

2. ぎんこう  - Ginkoo [Bank]

3. きっさてん- Kissaten [Cafe]

4. じょし-Joshi [Dictionary]

5. じてんしゃ- Jitensha [Bicycle]

6. さいふ- Saifu [Wallet]

Phrases list would be posted on next,upcoming post. Sorry guys, I couldn't find anything interesting yet.
So anyway, I DO keep my promise of posting songs for each post. However, I'm going to make an ammendment about that. Currently, I'm really into NicoNico Douga singers and their works. That being said, I'll make some random compilations or maybe just grab some good songs and shares them here.

Well here's my new compilation

Nico Singer Vin



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